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Eagle Ridge - Broken Arrow

Community Information

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Please be respectful of your fellow neighbors and refrain from setting off fireworks during the hours 10pm-7am Sunday-Thursday and 11pm-7am Friday and Saturday.

Online Bank Information

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Here is the infromation for the online bank account for paying dues: You can go to the one time echeck payment or you can set up your own account.

Management ID:6845

Propert ID:585

Then enter your account number on your billing statement.

Concerns, Complaints & Questions

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If you have any concerns, complaints or questions that need to be addressed, please contact Yolanda Osborne with Collins and Associates at

918-524-3833 or [email protected] She will be more than happy to assist you!

Retention Area

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The retention area is getting a well overdue makeover. Progress is being made and hopefully soon we will be able to see the bottom!


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Dues notices will be mailed out June 15. They can be mailed to either address listed below or you will be able to set up your own account online to pay once you receive your account information in your notice. Dues are $250 a year.

Eagle Ridge Homeowners Association 

P.O. Box 98016

Las Vegas, NV



5630 S. Memorial Drive

Tulsa, Oklahoma


Pool Opening

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The pool will be opening Saturday May 23.

Homeowners must be current on their HOA Dues to have access to the pool. Homeowners key cards will be turned off if they are not up to date on their HOA dues.

All homeowners need to follow social distancing guidelines and should remain home if they are showing any symptoms of illness. They need to be fever free for 72 hours .It is the homeowners responsibility to wash and sanitize their hands at all times.We want our homeowners to stay safe in this time of uncertainty.


If you’ve lost your pool card or do not have a pool card, please e-mail [email protected] with your name and address letting her know you don’t have a card or that you need a replacement. There is a $30 REPLACEMENT fee for any lost cards.


The pool area does have video surveillance and is monitored by the Board. Do not move or cover the cameras. If found to have violated this request the board will revoke pool access for the offender responsible.


Please be aware that ALL activity in the pool area is public and the pool belongs to everyone in the neighborhood. Please clean up after yourselves, flush the toilets, and turn all the water faucets off after use. There is not an attendant cleaning the bathrooms daily. This is only taken care of twice per week. If there is an issue that needs a plumber please contact the management company. If there is an emergency in the pool CALL 911.




**Eagle Ridge Pool Rules**


Pool Hours:


Tuesday: closed for chemical maintenance

Wednesday - Monday: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm Adult Only Swim 9:00 am – 10:00 am



Pool Rules:


Members only. Only residents with a valid key card, and their guests, are allowed in the pool area. Members should be prepared to present their key card as evidence of membership upon request by any other pool member, pool committee member, or Management Company. Please do not open the gate for anyone. It is their responsibility to provide access to get in.



Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult (18 years or older) at all times.



Members are allowed a maximum of four guests at a time.



No smoking or tobacco products allowed inside the pool facility. Smoking is allowed outside of the pool area in a designated area.



Private parties and /or reservations of the pool area are not allowed.



Glass containers of any kind are not allowed in the pool area. Food and/or beverages are not allowed in the pool itself at any time. Deck furniture is not allowed in the pool at any time.



Please help keep the pool area clean by throwing all trash into the provided trash cans and making sure all pool toys and towels, etc. are taken home.



Water balloons, tiny plastic toys, hair pins, rocks, or any other object that can potentially clog the skimmer baskets and/or pool filters are not allowed in the pool area. Please keep all trash including plastic bags, candy wrappers, etc. out of the pool as well, they too can easily clog the pool filters.



Foul and/or rude language is not allowed.



Behavior that is disruptive or dangerous to the safety of self or others or disruptive to the ability of others to enjoy the use of the pool is not allowed.



Please keep all posted county health rules in mind at all times, i.e.,:

A cleansing shower bath, using warm water and soap, must be taken before entering the pool.

Person with open wounds, bandages, or any symptom of communicable disease shall be prevented from entering the pool.

Swimming alone is prohibited

“Cut-offs” should be hemmed.


No pets allowed in the pool area.


No bicycles allowed inside the gated pool area. Also, please do not lay your bike down on the sidewalk directly in front of the gate.



Radios, CD players, MP3 players, or loud car stereos at the pool or in the adjacent parking spots are not allowed unless they are used with personal headphones and are not disruptive to other pool members.


Yearly Dues

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The Board has decided to move the yearly dues to July 1, 2020 due to Covid-19. Billing notices will go out the first of June from our new management company Collins and Associates.

Roof Requirements

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Summer is coming on and you may be contemplating replacing your roof. Please remember that the only approved color in Eagle Ridge is Weathered Wood in the section F3 of the covenants. Any addition or modification of existing structures requires approval by the architectural committee. If any violations of the covenants occur, the board will be forced to take legal action.

Yearly Dues

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Due to this difficult time that we all are facing, the Eagle Ridge Board of Directors has unanimously agreed to post pone the yearly dues to a later date. It is our sincere hope that this action will provide some relief to our community during this uncertain time. The board has also decided to look into delaying the opening of the pool due to health concerns and we will be following the CDC and local government policy on gatherings. Please check back for updates on either our Facebook page and/or We will announce the pool opening dates in May. Please stay safe and our thoughts and prayers go out to all of you.




Dues and Yard of the Month

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**REMINDER** Dues must be paid prior next Friday, the 24th, for access to the pool over Memorial day weekend. You must be in good standing for access to the pool.


Also, it's time for Yard of the Month to start back up! All homes selected for YOM will receive a $25 Lowe's gift card and will be entered into a drawing at the annual meeting for a year of free dues. You must be current on dues to be eligible. If you would like to nominate someone, please email [email protected] with the address, etc...